Jarrett Jewellery Sydney



Pink Kimberley jewellery is crafted from an exquisite blend of white diamonds and natural Australian pink diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine, which is located at the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. These pink diamonds are the rarest & most precious diamonds in the world.


Autore South Sea pearls are one of nature’s greatest gifts. Founded in 1991, The AutoreGroup is one of the largest South Sea pearl companies in the world. Their pearls are sourced directly from South Sea pearl producers, two of which it jointly owns. Situated on some of the world's most beautiful coastline, the farms dot the crystal-clear waters off the north west coast of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and the islands of Indonesia.


ARGENTA 925 Sterling Silver is the renowned house brand of elegant sterling silver jewellery. ARGENTA pieces are finished to the highest standard of polish, lustre and workmanship. Countries of origin include Spain, France, Mexico and of course Italy to name a few, and many of the pieces feature genuine semi-precious stones and cubic zirconia giving a timeless look, from classic to contemporary. Many of the pieces in the range are available in matching sets and themes offering a perfect opportunity to fully enjoy the beautiful fashion look that only genuine sterling silver can offer.


Ikecho Pearls (pronounced i-ket-cho) is an Australian owned brand bringing you some of the world’s finest quality pearls. Whether it's South Sea, Tahitian, Mabe or Freshwater Pearls, Ikecho prides itself on creating exciting and contemporary pearl designs, which follow the world’s trends and fashion movements.