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Yes, we do. We are one of the most well-regarded jewellery repairers in the Sydney CBD. Common repairs and services include ring resizing, chain repairs, pearl rethreading & jewellery cleaning. We also have an extensive range of earring backs, clasps and rare parts. Our workshop is capable of everything from minor adjustments to full restoration. We provide free quotes and our convenient operating hours allow you to drop off and collect outside office hours. Click here to see an expanded list of services we offer.

Yes, we change watch batteries in all brands of quartz watches. Upon request we provide an express service for watches not requiring pressure testing.

 A typical battery service includes opening the case, removing and testing the old battery, cleaning the contacts, inserting a new battery, timing test, checking and replacing the back seal if necessary, sealing the case and setting the watch.

We strongly recommend watches worn in water are also subject to a pressure test, however it is your choice. A pressure test is performed by our expert watchmaker and simulates the effect of immersion in water. If the watch fails, then the watchmaker will service the seals to restore water resistance. There is an extra charge for this test.

We recommend and use high performance mercury-free Seiko watch batteries. All our depleted batteries are recycled to recover precious metals and prevent them going to landfill.

Yes, we service and restore all brands of quartz and mechanical watches including luxury brands and those with complex movements (provided parts are available). Common repairs include complete overhauls, new watch glasses, band adjustments and replacement pins. We also provide a high-quality polishing service to remove scratches from watch cases and bands made from stainless steel or precious metal. The results are always astounding as polishing restores the appearance of your watch like new.

We provide free quotes and our convenient operating hours allow you to drop off and collect outside office hours. Click here to see an expanded list of services we offer.

Yes, we can service both quartz and mechanical wall clocks and small table-top clocks that can be carried to our store. Unfortunately, we are not set-up to service grandfather clocks or other large clocks that require servicing on-site.

Yes, we offer a full suite of jewellery and watch valuation services in store. Valuations are typically issued for insurance replacement value however we can also issue valuations for probate, resale or any other purpose you require. We have an extensive range of gemmological instruments in store for accurate identification of gemstones and testing of precious metals. Your possessions remain in our shop and are covered by insurance while on our premises.

Our experienced valuer, Roslyn Jarrett is NCJV registered, GAA accredited and is onsite every weekday from 7:30am to 9am to perform valuations and answer your inquiries. You may leave items for valuation at any time of the day, however a morning appointment with Ros can be made if desired. It normally takes five days to complete a valuation, however please let us know if you need a faster turnaround and we will see what is possible.

Yes, we restring pearls and other beads either unknotted or with knots between each pearl (knotted) and we have a large range of clasps available should yours need an update or replacing. Pearl cleaning is also available as an option to improve the lustre of soiled or aged pearls.


Click here to open and print our ring sizing chart. Follow the directions to determine your ring size. Importantly, ensure the ring you are sizing is worn on the same finger on the same hand as the ring you are ordering. The fingers on your dominant hand are typically larger than those on your other hand, so measuring the size of a ring worn on the wrong hand will not be accurate.  Contact us at the store if you are unsure or need additional advice. If necessary, we can post you a special finger sizing device to ensure correct fit.

No problem. Let us know by phone or by using the ‘Contact Us’ for on our website. We will do our utmost to assist. In some cases we can solve the issue with an exchange, and in others our workshop will have to perform a resize. We aim to resolve the issue without charge, however in some cases it is not possible so instead we charge a nominal fee.


Yes, we offer hand engraving in script or block styles and machine engraving in a range of fonts. We also provide high-quality hand carving of family crests and insignia in precious metal objects such as cufflinks and signet rings. We typically provide a next-day service instore for hand engraving, with other services taking longer depending on the scope and complexity of the work.

Yes, however the option is not available in the shopping cart. Contact us directly at the store after you place your order online.

At intake we will discuss your requirements and together determine the best position for the lettering.

Unfortunately, as engraving is a product customisation, once a stock item is engraved it cannot be returned unless it is faulty.


Depending on the complexity of the design, you have the option of having it hand-made or created using CAD (Computer Aided Design) and 3-D printing technology. Hand-made jewellery tends to be heavier and has inherent strength due to the techniques used in production. Each piece also has unique character from the master jeweller that made it.

Jewellery created using modern casting technology can be lighter in weight than handmade jewellery if required and have more complicated design features. It is also easier to achieve perfect symmetry as machine-methods tend to be more precise than man-made. 

Manufacturing is the mainstay of our business, so yes, we can bring your design concept to reality. We will also hand-pick diamonds and gemstones for your approval and provide free quotes. If your design is just a rough idea, we can prepare a hand-drawn sketch with all aspects of the design in proportion, so you can visualise the finished piece of jewellery from several angles before we even start. Along the way our master jewellers will review the design and if necessary, suggest alterations to ensure the design has both the look you want and the durability you expect.

Yes, we can design a piece of jewellery using your diamond or gemstone as the starting point. You have the choice to set the stone into a design from our extensive library or we can create something original based on your style and preferences. The finished piece will have the Jarrett Fine Jewellery quality and finish and be covered by our guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. 

Please note that there are inherent risks when setting gemstones. Whilst our setters proceed with the utmost care and attention, there can be hidden cleavage planes or weaknesses due to inclusions within stones that are only revealed when pressure is applied during setting. This type of damage is very rare; however, it is industry practice that the owner of the stone assumes liability in the event is it chipped or cracked during setting. We will take responsibility for any stones we supply, and recommend you take insurance if you are concerned about loss due to your stone chipping or cracking during setting.

The typical time required to manufacture a custom-design is three weeks from design approval. If you require the piece more urgently, we will do our best to accommodate your request without compromising manufacturing quality.

No, it costs about the same to have a custom-made piece made as it does to buy a piece from stock. With advances in jewellery design and manufacturing techniques, such as CAD and 3-D printing, there is no longer any price difference between a custom-made piece of jewellery and one that is held in stock. In fact, many of the unique items in our showcase are custom-designed one-off pieces using the same techniques we use when designing items for our customers.

Yes. Our custom design & manufacturing service allows you to have an individual, bespoke piece designed and created for you. The following terms apply to custom design online and in store.

  • Once you approve the design, we will provide a quote that is valid for 14 days. We may revise the price should you give the go-ahead after 14 days.
  • The minimum deposit to proceed with a custom designed jewellery piece is 50%. The balance is payable on completion unless we mutually agree to other payment arrangements.
  • Once we inform you the piece is ready, we ask that you to collect it or make alternate arrangements with us within 30 days. If we don’t hear from you within 30 days, we will assume you have cancelled the order. This means we may sell or break apart the item and you may forfeit any deposit or payment you have made.
  • If you cancel your order, we will refund your money less any costs incurred by us at that time. Should you decide to cancel, please let us know immediately, as the costs mount up very quickly. The order cannot be cancelled once the piece is finished.


Alongside your budget and diamond preference you should consider the knowledge and integrity of the jeweller. You should expect to be presented with a selection of diamonds, so you can compare and see what you are buying before you pay. You should also be assisted by experts who want to help and are generous with their knowledge. And when it comes to setting your diamond, you want the confidence that comes with using experienced designers and manufacturers to set it securely in a high-quality mounting. That’s what we’ve thought is important since 1946.

Each diamond is handpicked by our expert gemmologists for quality and value. No matter the price, we give priority to diamonds that are beautifully cut and eye-pleasing. We pay close attention to the placement of every inclusion to maximise your diamond’s beauty.  We also examine the light performance (sparkle, fire and brilliance) of each diamond, eliminating dull and sleepy stones, as light play is the factor that is most enjoyed by the wearer.

Our mission is to take the stress out of finding the perfect diamond for you.

A diamond certificate is a grading report issued by an independent laboratory following intensive testing. The report contains information on the physical attributes of the diamond including carat weight, clarity, colour and the cut. The report may also include a diagram that shows the type and position of any inclusions within the diamond and details of any numbers or codes that are laser engraved onto the stone.

There are many reputable laboratories around the world and in Australia, eg GIA, GSL, IGI & HRD. Click here to see a list of independent labs that are currently endorsed by the Jewellers Association of Australia. To be endorsed a diamond grading laboratory needs to be independent of the diamond selling process, thereby transparent and free of conflict of interest.

It is important to recognise that an impressive certificate is not a guarantee of a beautiful diamond. We often reject diamonds with great certificates that are lifeless and without sparkle, or the inclusions are clustered in a way that is detrimental.   The only way to be certain that a diamond is beautiful and worth the money you are spending is to view it with your own eyes before buying.

This is a complex question and depends on your preference. Click here to read about the 4C’s in a nutshell. At Jarrett’s we suggest you give priority to cut and colour as inclusions in a diamond are generally hard to see, and if you have a fixed budget you can trade down in clarity to achieve a larger or whiter diamond for the same price. 

Whilst we have a vast range of 57-facet round brilliant-cut diamonds, if you want a diamond that is truly alive and bursting with sparkle and fire, then consider an Aurora Cut diamond which has been scientifically developed for superior light performance. Click here to learn more about the Aurora Diamond.

All our diamonds are conflict-free, and our jewellery is produced in workshops with strict labour and environmental standards. We monitor our supply chain very closely, and all our producers are signatories to the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme for diamonds, which guarantees they are conflict free.

When overseas, David will often inspect the factories of our jewellery manufacturers and gem cutters to ensure we are comfortable with the standard of their operations. Whilst we have never had to discontinue a commercial relationship for ethical or integrity reasons, we would not hesitate to do so.

We sell Pink Kimberly Diamonds which are sourced directly from the Argyle mine. Each diamond has an Argyle lot number which guarantees its authenticity as an Australian pink diamond. Pink Diamonds 0.15cts and larger are also accompanied by an Argyle Diamond Grading Certificate.

Yes, you can. Our diamond upgrade program is one of the great advantages of buying your diamond from Jarrett’s. It is a wonderful way to trade up to a larger or higher quality diamond as the opportunity arises.

  • The offer only applies to certified diamonds purchased from Jarrett Jewellery
  • The trade in amount will be based on the purchase price of the diamond only and won’t include the purchase price of the setting from which it is removed
  • The price of the new diamond must be double the price of the original diamond
  • The trade-in diamond must be accompanied by all original certificates, grading reports and other documentation you received at the time of purchase
  • The diamond must not be damaged or altered in any way since you bought it
  • Diamonds specially cut from rough for you on a special-order basis are excluded from the program


Gold and platinum are two entirely different precious metals.

Fine gold is a yellow metal that is too soft to use for jewellery in its pure form. We must alloy it, in other words mix it with other metals like silver, zinc and copper to use it in jewellery. 9ct gold contains 37.5% fine gold and 18ct gold contains 75% fine gold. As the proportion of copper in the alloy increases and the amount of silver decreases, the metal becomes pink and we call it rose gold. When fine gold is mixed with palladium and silver, the alloy turns white and we call it white gold.

Platinum is a natural white metal that when alloyed is roughly 20% denser than white gold. Our most commonly used platinum alloy, platinum 950, contains 95% fine platinum. Platinum can be polished to a mirror finish without the need for rhodium plating. So, while platinum costs more to buy, there is the argument that some of the price differential between platinum and white gold will be recovered in time as there is no need for ongoing rhodium plating.

Both metals have their advantages, so it is a matter of choice. White gold is less expensive than platinum and can be polished up to a brilliant white finish with the help of rhodium plating. As gold is more malleable than platinum it can be hand-worked or cast into the most compelling designs. However, remember to factor in the cost of upkeep as white gold requires ongoing rhodium plating to maintain the mirror-white finish. 18ct white gold is harder than platinum 950 so it is more resistant to scratching and dents.

Platinum feels very substantial and luxurious, even when used for fine designs. It is a naturally-white metal and does not require rhodium plating to maintain a mirror-white finish. Platinum is also resistant to bending, so it holds diamonds and gemstones more securely than gold (gold is more malleable). However, platinum is not as hard as 18ct white gold, so it is more easily scratched and dented. It takes more effort to remove scratches from platinum, so the cost of re-finishing platinum is higher than the cost of re-finishing white gold.

To get the best from both metals you can choose a platinum setting on a white gold band. This gives you additional security for the gemstone from the platinum setting combined with the scratch-resistance of the white gold band.

The natural colour of many white gold alloys is light yellow, greenish-yellow or grey, owing to the yellow colour of fine gold. Additionally, nickel, a metal with strong whitening properties, is being increasingly abandoned as an additive in gold alloys due to increased awareness of nickel sensitivity in humans.

So, to achieve the white-mirror effect you expect from white gold, we apply a coating of rhodium, (a platinum group metal) during finishing.

On average, rhodium plating lasts between 6 and 12 months before showing signs of wearing away. When this happens the mirror-finish will fade, and you will a notice the natural colour of the underlying metal coming through. The original mirror finish can be restored quite easily by polishing out any fine scratches and applying a new coat of rhodium.


An engagement ring is notionally a gift, given in exchange for the hand of the other person in marriage. In the past, the diamond industry has recommended between one to three months’ salary as a guide however those were simpler times without the pressures of housing affordability, student debt and the rest. The reality these days is each person sets their budget based on their individual circumstance taking into consideration their practical means, the desire to please their partner and their interest in gemstones and jewellery.

As for price, we offer a great selection of designs to choose from under each of the $3000, $5000, $8000, $12000, $20000 price points and many other designs at prices beyond. A large proportion of our engagement rings are custom made in our workshop and we can make everything from a modest solitaire to a big showstopper. We are experts in making engagement rings to a specific budget and we know how to vary parameters like diamond quality and manufacturing to achieve the perfect result at a price you expect.

We also offer six-months interest free finance on engagement rings with zipMoney so you can buy now and pay later.

It happens every now and then, so don’t worry - we won’t leave you in the lurch! If the ring was purchased ready-made from our showcase, then we can swap it for another design or give you a full credit towards a custom designed ring which you both can be involved in.  Just bring it back within 14 days.

If the ring was custom designed and manufactured for you, we will redesign it to suit your fiancé’s taste using the gemstones in the original ring. There will be a remanufacturing charge however we will offer you a substantial discount and deduct the value of any materials that are scrapped as part of the change.

To increase your chance of initial success it pays to do your homework during the design process. Look for clues such as pictures of rings on their phone, get an idea if they like high or low settings, big bling or simple design, etc so you start off in the right direction.

You’ve bought the ring, rehearsed the proposal and at the big moment you expect squeals or shouts of excitement but instead you hear a disappointing ‘No’. Beyond the shock and awkwardness, what to do now with the ring?

With over 70 years’ experience we have seen this once or twice and we are here to help where we can. If the ring was purchased ready-made from our showcase we will give you a full refund if returned unworn and undamaged within 14 days. If the ring is returned after 14 days or was custom-made there is no refund, however at our discretion we may offer to buy back the main diamond for a percentage of its purchase price.

If you think your proposal could be risky, consider using a proposal ring on the day as it costs only a few hundred dollars and if they say ‘yes’ you can enjoy shopping for the engagement ring together.

A proposal ring looks and feels like a real engagement ring, but it is made of silver and is set with cubic zirconia, so it costs a whole lot less. They are a great idea if you want to pop the question but do not know what design to choose, or you want your fiancé to be part of the engagement ring design process, or aren’t fully sure they will say ‘yes’.  We supply our proposal rings in the same box as our best diamond rings, so they really look the part. And if you return it we will give you a full credit towards the cost of the real engagement ring.  Click here to view our range of proposal rings online.


Our website accepts all major credit cards without surcharge including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and JCB. We also accept Paypal, and offer ‘pay later’ options with zipPay and zipMoney.

For personal shoppers at our store in Town Hall Square in Sydney CBD we also accept cash, debit cards, UnionPay and AliPay (via SuperPay).

For personal shoppers at our store in Town Hall Square, Sydney our layby service allows you to purchase items interest-free by making several smaller, affordable payments. Our terms are:

  • The minimum layby purchase is $50.
  • The minimum deposit is 20% of the purchase price.
  • To keep the layby active, you must make a payment once every two weeks.
  • We will hold the goods for up to three months while you make payments.
  • You have the right to cancel the layby at any time during the layby period and all monies paid less our cancellation charge will be refunded to you.
  • If no payments are made for 30 days we will contact you by phone, voicemail, SMS or email. If you do not respond we will cancel the layby.
  • There are no fees to establish or maintain the layby, however there is a cancellation charge if the layby is cancelled by you, or by us if you do not comply with our layby terms.
  • The cancellation charge is the lesser of $25 or 20% of the purchase price and is allocated towards recovery of selling, storage and administration costs.
  • You may collect the items when the layby is paid in full. Partial pick-up from the layby is permitted provided 20% is paid on the remaining items.

zipPay is an online shopping wallet with a credit limit of up to $1,000, always interest free. A monthly account fee of 5$ is only accrued if there's money owing at the beginning of the month. To shop online, simply select zipPay as your method of payment and then log into your zipPay account to use your available funds. Repayments start from as little as $40 a month, and can be scheduled monthly, fortnightly or weekly. You can also make additional one-off repayments whenever you like. Click here for more information or to apply.

zipMoney is a line of credit for amounts $1,000 and above. zipMoney offers you a guaranteed 3 months interest free across all products and 6 months interest free for engagement rings. The length of the interest free period is confirmed prior to purchase. There is a small establishment fee based on your credit limit, which zipMoney will confirm on the banner of the application and in your contract, as well as a $4.95 monthly account keeping charge while there is an outstanding balance. Click here for more information or to apply.


You can purchase an e-Gift card by clicking the link on our Home page or by clicking here. Once purchased, you can email it instantly to the recipient or to yourself for printing or onforwarding. Simply enter the recipient’s name, email address, choose any amount over $10 and add a personal message. Our e-Gift Cards are valid for 12 months.

Enter your e-Gift Card number on checkout, and the amount will be deducted automatically from the shopping cart. If your order is less than the value of your e-Gift Card, the remaining balance will be held for future use.

If your order exceeds the value of your e-Gift Card, the balance owing can be settled with one or more of our standard payment types.

Contact us on 02 9267 1084 to check the balance of an e-gift card.

Yes, you can. Simply bring your e-gift card details along with photo ID to our store and once we verify the balance you can spend it instore. Note that we will convert the entire online balance to a gift card for use instore. After your purchase any remaining balance will also have to be spent instore.

Unfortunately, gift cards issued by our physical store are only redeemable instore.

Our e-Gift Cards are valid for 12months from date of purchase. They are not transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash. We are not liable for delivery of an e-Gift Card to an incorrect or non-existent email address. Contact us immediately if you suspect this may have happened and we will do our best to help you.  Returns of items that were purchased using an e-Gift Card will be refunded to an e-Gift Card.


Unfortunately, no. Our online range has a selection from our in-store range as well as items that are ranged on-line only. If you are looking for something that you can’t see on our online store, please contact us by phone or email and we will endeavour to assist, including sending you details of items we have instore that are not featured online.

To subscribe to our mailing list, click here or the button on our home page and enter your details. To unsubscribe, click the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of any email from us, or let us know you would like to unsubscribe using the ‘Contact Us’ form on this website.

Unfortunately, no. We only ship to physical addresses within Australia.