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Pearl Care

Pearls are so very precious. They are an organic material that requires a little bit more care than your usual gemstones.

Pearls will absorb things like perfume, hairspray and lotions and for this reason we have an important rule we always follow when it comes to pearls - "Last on and first off"

When you are getting ready for the day, or that big night out, always put your pearls on last, after all your makeup, hairspray and perfume is done.. then when you get home, take them off first and put them in a jewellery box or something similar to keep them safe.

It is all too often we have seen the disasterous effects that chlorine and other chemicals have on these beautiful jewels of the ocean 

To clean them, simply wipe them over with a damp cloth and never use any harsh cleaning detergents or soaps, these will cause deterioration in your pearls.

At Jarrett Jewellery we have a quick and inexpensive pearl rethreading service whereby your pearls are rethreaded onto new thread to avoid wear and breakage. This will ensure your pearl strands will be kept in top condition.



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